Something isn't quite right here

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Something isn't quite right here
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obligatory woman driver comment
It looks undamaged
the car, i mean
Wait, wait, I think I've got what's wrong now. Is it the tape is tied to the firetruck, meaning that it can't move and blocking up the road? No, no, I've got it now. There's no windows on the building? fuu, what is it?!
look at the top of the building... its half of a car...
I think the car was like that at the bottom of the building and it was photoshopped like that. ;)
It's not photoshopped - story was in the papers, haha
hmm... It looks like a parking lot... If you look at the pile of dust and rubble bottom-right of the pic this indicates that the car was moving backwards... aha! It was reversing inside the building and drove backwards through the wall! We now also know that the driver must have been a women! Case closed!

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