Nerd baby sucks

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Nerd baby sucks
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umm what? Don't understand why there was the extra caption, it just makes the picture less funny :/
Where it says that baby sucks its talking about the 'stats' on the baby's clothes.
Ohhhh I get it, re-roll as in randomise? Fuu, I'm so slow, obviously I don't play RPGs enough :P
haha i don't play them but i have played them when i was younger
o& re-roll as in changing the caption, if that makes sense
wut surely it means re-roll as in "rolling dice" to choose new stats
erm i think it just means re-roll as in having another go at a caption
I'm with James on this one
I think it's because he looks a bit like Rick Astley but they spelled Rick wrong.
What do you mean rolling for new stats???
When you create a character in RPGs don't they have the levels for different skills, which are just picked randomly when you start, so you can roll for a different selection
ermm not really usually you have a certain amount of points and you assign how many you want on each skill
Most RPGs have random skill assignment with the option to change if you want. Trust me, level 80 mage here

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